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MK Products Catalog for Push-Pull Cobra® Welding Systems and Orbital Welding Equipment


Our products include MIG welding guns: Python, LX, Prince XL, Cobra MX, Cobra SX and the Cobramatic Push-Pull MIG Wire Feeders, Spool Guns: include the Prince XL SG, Prince SG and Sidewinder MiniSpool™ gun. Our Orbital tube welding products, include the CobraTig® 150, Advanced Color Logic® (ACL), CopperHead® and the DiamondBack® weldheads. Also Positioners/Turntables for welding and other purposes.

MK Products Catalog

MK Products Catalog

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Apr 28, 2015


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About the Catalog and Price List

MK Products Catalog and Price List for Welding Equipment and Supplies.


This catalog is a combination of all our printed literature into this one full product color catalog. This now means one source for all our product information and specifications.


Price List/Printed Prices: Check all prices before ordering. This price listing supercedes any and all previous listings. MK Products reserves the right to make changes to price lists at any time.