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Cobramatic® Pro Series Wire Feeder for Push-Pull Welding Guns

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Cobramatic Pro Series Wire Feeder/MIG Welder:
MK Products introduces the NEW Cobramatic Pro Series Wire Feed Cabinet. It has the same dedicated function and performance as expected from a Cobramatic, but with a stylish and rugged design. Uses many enhancements from the original Push-Pull MIG Welder, without sacrificing integrity and durability.
Offers classic MK or EURO style gun connections (MK Cobramatic Euro 7 Pin ) consult factory for available guns. See wire Feeder Compatibility for each gun.
Additional Power Source Connectivity Cobramatic wire feeder works with Lincoln, Miller, Thermal Arc, Esab and OTC Daihen. Power Source Compatibility Chart.


Structural design allows for smaller compact size providing greater accessibility to tighter, more confined spaces (i.e., it fits through ship portholes).

Half the weight yet twice as durable. Rugged enough for all weather environments.

Visible in the darkest shops, a bright front panel LED, displays Wire Feed Speed and Welding Arc Voltage.

Wire: .030” - 1/16” Aluminum (0.8 mm - 1.6 mm)
Wire: .030” - .045” solid & hard wire* (0.8 mm - 1.1 mm)
Wire: *Steel, stainless steel & flux core steel wires

Power Supply Input - Optional Kits: Interface Cables: Miller and Lincoln

• 8 ft - Miller, 14 pin, 115VAC (005-0316)
• 8 ft - Lincoln, 14 pin, 115VAC (005-0608)
• 25 ft - Miller, 14 pin, 115VAC (005-0658)
• 25 ft - Lincoln, 14 pin, 115VAC (005-0659)
• 50 ft - Miller, 14 pin, 115VAC (005-0658-50)

Power Supply Input - Optional Kits: Interface Cables: Thermal Arc, ESAB, OTC

• 8 ft - Thermal Arc, 19 pin, 115VAC
• 8 ft - ESAB 460/450 (005-0705)
• OTC DP400/DM350, 10 pin for wire feeder (843-0720)
• OTC DP400/DM350, 6 pin for remote control (843-0721)


Advanced connectivity allows for universal input power from ALL welding power supplies.

Model Number/ Power Input
150-007-M (MK Connections) 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz
150-007-E (Euro Connections) 42VAC, 50/60 Hz
150 Watts Peak (1.3 Amps)
Wire Spool Capacity

12” Standard (Insulated or Non-insulated)